INSTALLOO work stilts

new heights!

Maximize your reach and productivity with our ergonomic and safe work stilts for every application.

For consumers, professionals & skywalkers

Available in
three variants

Freedom and flexibility

Move freely and reach any height effortlessly.

Security for
every step

Stability and protection thanks to robust aluminum and non-slip soles.

Our offer

Product variety

1 hour working time

Consumer line

from 179,00€
149,00 €
Most popular



from 329,00€
299,00 €

> 3 hours WORKING TIME


from 499,00€
449,00 €

Size calculator
for your new

Body height is mandatory! (100cm - 240cm)
Body weight is mandatory! (30kg - 200kg)
Room height is mandatory! (200cm - 500cm)
Workingtime is mandatory! (1h - 24h)

How it works

Experience how our stilts can revolutionize the way you work at height. From simple handling to a demonstration of the security features – this video gives you a comprehensive overview of the functionality and benefits of our products.

Products sold
Safety record
3 to 4 working days
Delivery time
about us

Installoo GmbH ...

… was founded in 2007 by Christian Hinze. The company successfully sells hand stilts which, according to the motto “ladders are a thing of the past”, make it possible to work at greater heights. The business idea was developed by Christian Hinze, who, as a skilled craftsman, was confronted with these problems on a daily basis. Installoo® brand stilts are essential. The painting stilts eliminate the amount of work that would be required using a ladder. This saves time.

Customer testimonials and testimonials

What our customers say
Giovanni Rossi
Giovanni Rossi
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As a professional painter, I have tried many stilts, but none come close to the Installoo® Profi-Line. They are incredibly stable and comfortable, even after hours of work. A real game changer in my job!
Richard Bauer
Richard Bauer
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The Installoo® Skywalker stilts are the best I've ever had. They offer incredible freedom of movement and are extremely safe. Ideal for my work as a drywall installer, where I often work at different heights.
Anna Kowalska
Anna Kowalska
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I use the Installoo® Consumer-Line for my gardening and I am delighted with it. Trimming high hedges has never been so easy and safe. These stilts are a must for every hobby gardener!
Carlos García
Carlos García
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I used the Installoo® stilts for an art project and am impressed by the quality and flexibility. They allow me to be creative without feeling restricted. Highly recommended for artists and performers!

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