Stilts Installoo »Profi-Line« Size XL

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Profi-Line Work Stilts Size XL

You have an additional reach of up to 100 cm with work stilts in size XL and this allows you to work comfortably on ceilings, fruit trees and other high working areas. They provide a very stable footing and allow you to move around freely, but you must take some time to adjust them carefully, and practise walking with them before you use them for work. This section tells you how to do this, and you can find out how to fasten the stilts securely to your leg here.

Once you have fastened both stilts securely to your legs you can try a few first steps. It is advisable to stand up slowly and ideally have something or someone to hold onto for balance. Before you move forwards, take a few steps on the spot, so that you get used to the feeling of being at a higher level. If you feel yourself tipping over a bit, then the stilts are not adjusted properly. You may need assistance from someone else to get the fitting exactly right.

Wait until you can stand securely without holding on to any support before you try taking a few small steps forward. Try the stilts out slowly, and take your time until it feels natural to be wearing them. You need to feel at ease with them before you can work safely and comfortably without additional support.

The clever spring mechanism and the adjustable calf support ensure that the work stilts can be adjusted to fit your walking habits exactly. Detailed instructions on how to fit the stilts can be found in the handbook and in this video.


Characteristics of Stilts »Profi-Line« Size XL:

  • Robust aluminum frame made of 100% German made
  • Size profit of 60-100 cm (adjustable in 9 steps)
  • CE certification and safety compliance (no problems with the professional association)
  • Ultralight: only 3.5 kg per stilt
  • Loads up to 120 kg
  • Suitable for all shoe sizes
  • Of course, including instruction manual in English


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Body height is mandatory! (100cm - 240cm)
Body weight is mandatory! (30kg - 200kg)
Room height is mandatory! (200cm - 500cm)
Workingtime is mandatory! (1h - 24h)