Stilts Installoo »Profi-Line 3.0« Size L

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Profi-Line Work Stilts Size L

Profi-Line work stilts in size L give you an extra height of 45 to 75 cm and they eliminate the need to use ladders. The Profi-Line version is designed to make working at high levels easier for trades people, artists, fruit growers, and other professionals. German CE-kitemarked Profi-Line work stilts allow you to work at high levels just as easily as if you were standing with your feet firmly on the ground.

It is important to make sure that you have a stable standing position and can move around safely, and therefore you must fasten the stilts securely to your legs: they are adjustable to different heights, and they have a broad foot and a built-in ergonomic spring. You can alter the stilts to fit your exact shoe size using the adjustable heel, and the height of the calf support can be calibrated to fit the chosen length, so that you will have a secure standing position and will not tip over to either side.

Incidentally: thanks to the quality of workmanship in these stilts, and the stability that they provide, no user accidents have been recorded since they were first introduced to the market in 2007!


Characteristics of Stilts »Profi-Line« Size L:

  • Robust aluminum frame, 100% German made
  • Size gain of 45-75 cm (adjustable in 7 steps)
  • CE certification and safety compliance (no problems with the professional association)
  • Ultralight: only 3.1 kg per stilt
  • Loads up to 120 kg
  • Suitable for all shoe sizes
  • Of course, including instruction manual in English

3 reviews for Stilts Installoo »Profi-Line 3.0« Size L

  1. Griff

    Best stilts by far
    I use these for plastering daily. You need serious stilts look no further.

  2. Nils Ratched


  3. María Laura Luchessi Georgieff 0034 663 054 582

    Estoy interesada en vuestros zancos de ganancias de altura de 600 a 100m de altura.Dibde están ubicados físicamente y cual sería el precio por mayor y que cantidad mínima de compra para obtener un buen precio. Son fabricantes o responsables de venta. Podremos hacernos de una muestra. Es para el mercado español

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