Stilts Installoo »Consumer-Line« Size XL

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Consumer-Line Stilts Size XL

Consumer-Line stilts in size XL are for anyone who wants up to 100 cm extra reach in order work comfortably in particularly high places such as ceilings, fruit trees and similar locations. The brood foot and adjustable fastenings make sure that the user has a stable standing position, and clever technology with an ergonomic spring makes moving around on these stilts very comfortable. No accidents have been recorded since the stilts were first introduced to the market in 2007. However, these stilts do take a bit of practice when you first try them, and they have to be carefully adjusted and fastened on to each user. You can find out here what you need to know when you are adjusting them and fastening them on, and now we will explain how to be safe when taking your first steps with these stilts.

Once you have adjusted the stilts to fit your shoe size and calf height exactly, and all the straps are tightly fastened, you can try taking your very first steps. It is important to stand up slowly. It is advisable to hold on to a wall, or to another person when you do this. Do some little steps on the spot first, so that you get used to the feeling of being at this new height. The stilts are properly fitted if you stand up straight and are not tipping over. If this is not the case, then you need to adjust the stilts to fit properly. You may need to enlist the help of another person to do this.

Wait until you feel quite secure standing on the stilts without any support before you try taking your first steps. When you do start walking, take it slowly and get used to the feeling of being at this new height. After a very short time, you will not want to be without these stilts because you will love the way they make working at higher levels so easy and comfortable. The adjustable springs and calf supports let you adapt the stilts to your own walking habits and this is what makes them so comfortable to wear. You can find more details about how to use the stilts in the handbook, or in our video.

Characteristics of Stilts »Consumer-Line« Size XL:

  • Robust aluminum frame made of 100% German made
  • Size gain of 45-75 cm (adjustable in 7 steps)
  • Ultralight: only 3.1 kg per stilt
  • Carry up to 105 kg
  • Suitable for all shoe sizes
  • Of course, including instruction manual in English

2 reviews for Stilts Installoo »Consumer-Line« Size XL

  1. Rupert

    Super Arbeitsgerät. Vielen Dank!!!

  2. mühlmann

    aller anfang ist schwer, aber man hat es wirklich nach 15 minuten raus.
    wirklich wichtig es die installoo richtig auf seine körper einzustellen.
    Und ich habe mir zum anfang helfen laasen. ruck zuck ging ich allein.


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