Stilts Installoo »Consumer-Line« Size L

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Consumer-Line Work Stilts Size L

Work stilts in size L offer an extra reach of 45 – 75 cm and this makes them a very practical tool for amateur DIY work in high level locations. So long as they are fastened on properly, these Installoo® stills give you a very stable standing position and let you move around freely. This section tells you how to use them.

Once you have altered the adjustable heel to fit your shoe size and calibrated the calf support to fit the length of your legs, you can start trying out the work stilts. The stilts can take a load of up to 105 kg, and this is how you should fasten them on: sit on a surface, such as a table for example, that is ideally about 70 cm high and place the stilts on the floor in front of you with their leg supports facing outwards. Fasten the calf support on first, to prevent the stilts from tipping over. Now pull on the two foot straps and put the part of the straps that are sticking out into the safety buckles.

Once all straps are securely fastened, you can start to take your first few steps.

Characteristics of Stilts »Consumer-Line« Size L:

  • Robust aluminum frame made of 100% German made
  • Size gain of 45-75 cm (adjustable in 7 steps)
  • Ultralight: only 3.1 kg per stilt
  • Carry up to 105 kg
  • Suitable for all shoe sizes
  • Of course, including instruction manual in English

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  1. Heinz Stratmann

    Tolles Produkt, kann ich nur empfehlen!

  2. bogi

    Hätte ich man gleich den Rechner weiter unten benutzt… aber der Umtausch war reigundlos. Super!

  3. Haki

    Molto utili per lavori interni tipo rasature tinteggiatura eccc

  4. David Zimbari


  5. hicham maadane

    Molto bene

  6. Gianni


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